GIS Services

In the utility industry, maintaining an accurate asset inventory and map of electric poles, transformers, cable lines, substations and all other electric utility assets is essential for planning and analysis. GIS provides utilities with the foundational layer of technology to effectively manage their assets, as well as regulatory compliance. Maverick Utility Services has a dedicated team of GIS analysts that are experts in their field, who create a tailored approach for each individual utility, creating custom software, data import and export tasks, unique reporting, and visualization routines. At Maverick we are constantly innovating and adopting the latest technology, allowing us to provide a wide range of services to Electrical and Telecoms Utilities.

Our capabilities include:

  • Mapping
  • Asset Inventory and Infrastructure Analysis
  • Asset Management
  • ETL Data Services
  • Paperless workflow
  • Collector Tools and Data Interfaces
  • Full Staff of GIS Analyst & Developers
    • Automation Experts
    • Geography centric specialist
    • IT and support staff
    • Utility centric staff
  • ESRI Partner
    • Offering software solutions that complement our engineering, field, and construction efforts.