Providing Electrical and Communications Utility Services

Storm Services—We respond when most needed.

We are a leading provider of utility services for electrical and communications utilities.

Utility Pole Inspections

Wood Structures, Concrete, Steel

Whether a wood, concrete or steel structure, Maverick Utility Services provide full turn-key inspection services through our robust Treat & Test Program.

Storm Services Construction

Storm Services and Assessment

When a catastrophic event or natural disaster occurs, Maverick’s Storm response services provides professional resources that will immediately impact the relief efforts and restoration operations.

Aerial Underground Inspection

Aerial & Underground Inspection

Asset Audit, Pad Mount and Vault Inspection, Manhole Inspections, Conduit Mapping and Verification

Advantages to Partnering with Maverick for Your Electrical and Communications Utilities Projects

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    Expert Team

    Our dedicated team of expert engineers, project managers, construction managers, and field personnel with experience specific to the industry ensure that your Utility Infrastructures are in the best hands.
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    Value Engineering

    Our intimate knowledge and lessons learned from previous successful utility projects allows us to bring the best in industry standards, ensuring the project is streamlined and cost efficient.
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    High Quality

    Our years of experience and our holistic understanding of end-to-end system integration ensures we consistently deliver high quality throughout all stages of project execution.
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    Increased Sustainability

    The project team understands the criticality of the infrastructures being designed and installed. Our project deliverables that are targeted at sustaining these critical utility systems for the end users that depend on them.
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    Safety First

    Our safety culture is among the best in the business. Our entire team is committed to Safety, and we consider it paramount in all operations.
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    Regional Resources

    We also understand the importance of using regional resources to deliver our projects. We are geographically located with offices across the United States and always maintain a physical presence in the region throughout a project lifecycle.
Headquartered in Boston, MA, with over 25,000 sq. ft. of office space and 156,000 sq. ft. of garage and outdoor space
Additional full-time offices in Pennsylvania, New York, Michigan, Florida, Virginia, Portland, OR, and Galway, Ireland
Successful completion of large and complex turnkey programs; design, scheduling, project management, installation, construction and material sourcing, emergency and storm response crews
Over 350 pieces of equipment, with 3 full-time mechanics and 89 Bucket Trucks
More than 150 full time construction and 60 full time engineering employees


Our mission:

Engineering and Constructing Comprehensive, Sustainable and Resilient Solutions in Power and Communications

Utility Pole Inspection Services

Areas Serviced

Maverick provides Utility Services to Electric and Communications Owners and Utilities throughout the United States and Europe. Maverick’s corporate headquarters are in Boston, Massachusetts. Maverick also maintains locations in Oregon, Florida, Michigan, Virginia/Maryland/Washington, Philadelphia, Texas and Galway, Ireland.

The maps shown highlight the areas serviced as well as the locations of Maverick offices.


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